Technical requirements for mud motor drilling

Technical requirements for mud motor drilling include the following aspects:

Technical requirements for mud motor drilling
  • Drilling fluid requirements: Mud motors can work well for all kinds of mud, including oil-based mud, emulsified mud, clay mud, and even clear water. Mud viscosity and specific gravity have little effect on the drilling tool, but have a direct impact on the pressure of the entire system. If the pressure under the recommended displacement is greater than the rated pump pressure, the mud displacement must be reduced, or the drilling tool and drill bit must be reduced. pressure drop.
  • Mud pressure requirements: when the drilling tool is in the air, if the displacement remains unchanged, the pressure drop of the mud passing through the drilling tool will also remain unchanged. When the drilling pressure increases as the drill bit contacts the bottom hole, the mud circulation pressure increases and the pump pressure also increases. The driller can use the following formula to control the operation: Drilling pump pressure = circulating pump pressure + drilling tool load pressure drop Circulating pump pressure is the pump pressure when the drilling tool does not touch the bottom of the well, also called off-bottom pump pressure, the drilling tool increases the torque, The pump pressure is about to rise, and the reading of the pressure gauge at this time is called the drilling pump pressure. The off-bottom pump pressure is not a constant, it changes with the depth of the well and the characteristics of the mud, but in actual operation, there is no accurate value of the circulating pump pressure measured at any time, and the off-bottom pump pressure after each single connection is generally taken as an approximate value , which satisfies the accuracy requirements of the formula.

In summary, the technical requirements for mud motor drilling include drilling fluid requirements, mud pressure requirements and control system requirements. In actual application, it needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the specific situation to ensure the performance and stability of the mud motor.

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