Mud motor common faults and causes

Common failures and causes of mud motors are as follows:

The mud pump does not fill the water:

  • (1) For electrical failure, check whether the power supply and voltage are normal, and whether the contactor and switch are in good condition.
  • (2) If the water suction pipe leaks, check whether the pipe is unblocked and whether the sealing ring is intact, and take corresponding measures to solve it.
  • (3) The nozzle is blocked by foreign matter or cement slag, and the foreign matter should be cleaned or the nozzle should be replaced in time.
    Mud motor common faults and causes
    Mud motor common faults and causes

    Insufficient mud pump pressure:

    • (1) The outlet pipe is blocked, and the pipe should be cleaned to make it unblocked.
    • (2) The impeller is worn and the impeller should be replaced.

    Excessive deposition of sediment impurities:

    (1) The sediment inside the main shell should be cleaned regularly.
    (2) When the maximum diameter of the main shell is greater than 160mm, the main shell should be cleaned of sand.

    Bushing and Coupling Wear:

    (1) When the sediment intrusion is serious, it should be cleaned up and corresponding welding repair measures should be taken.
    (2) The coupling has abnormal noise or cannot be connected, and a new coupling should be replaced.

    Excessive vibration or noise of the mud pump:

    (1) The parallelism and concentricity of the coupling should be checked.
    (2) When there is vibration or abnormal noise, check whether the bearing is damaged, and replace the bearing if damaged. (3) If there is too much sediment deposition, it should be cleaned up.
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