Hydraulic jar tester manufacturer

what is the Hydraulic jar tester?

Hydraulic jar tester
Hydraulic jar tester

A hydraulic jar tester is a device used to test and measure the impact force generated by hydraulic jars used in drilling operations. Hydraulic jars are used in the drilling industry to help release stuck drill strings and overcome obstacles encountered during drilling operations.

The hydraulic jar tester consists of a hydraulic cylinder, which is connected to the hydraulic jar being tested. The jar is then pulled or pushed by the hydraulic cylinder to simulate the conditions encountered during drilling operations. The force generated by the jar is measured and recorded, providing valuable data on the performance and reliability of the hydraulic jar.

Hydraulic jar testers are used to ensure that hydraulic jars meet industry standards for performance and reliability, and to identify any potential issues before they can cause problems during drilling operations. They are an important tool for drilling companies and oilfield service providers to ensure the safety and success of drilling operations.

Leading manufacturers of hydraulic jar testers include Weatherford, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and Halliburton.

Hydraulic jar tester manufacturer

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