Break out unit

 Introducing the game-changing Break Out Unit, specifically engineered to optimize your drilling operations and maximize efficiency. This cutting-edge technology is designed to effortlessly handle and disassemble drilling components, ensuring a safer, faster, and more reliable experience for professionals in the oil and gas industry. Our Break Out Unit is the ultimate solution for mitigating risks associated with high torque operations, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity. The robust design and easy-to-use interface cater to the needs of seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Experience the unparalleled performance of our Break Out Unit and elevate your drilling operations to the next level. 

DZZR- Break Out Unit

DescriptionTechnical SpecificationQty

Hydraulic power system

( Oil tankcapacity:600 L

Working medium: No. 46 wear resistant hydraulic oil)

Motor: power is 22KW, speed is 1460RPM required voltage is 380V, frequency is 50HZ.1
Hydraulic pump type: Vane pump
Max. working pressure: 2300 Psi
Hydraulic operation console dimension: 55〃*35〃*44〃
Hydraulic oil cooling system:mandatory Air cooling
make up/ break out main engineAdjustable tongsApplicable pipe range:2-4/7〃-15〃1
Max. clamping pressure of single cylinder: 45000LBS
Shock screwing tongs

Applicable pipe range:2-4/7〃-15〃

(Φ200-380mm need change tooth block)

Make up torque:110000 Ft.1b
Break out torque:140000 Ft.1b
Shock screwing angle:35°
BaseLength:19-9/13 ′
SpeedThe clamping speed of the six cylinders is 900mm/min
 Tongs spacingThe largest spacing:9-6/7 ′
The minimum distance:4-3/4〃
Quick make up/ break out unitStructure type: Open rotary1
Torque:2900 Ft.1b
Applicable pipe range:2-7/8〃-16〃
Feel deviceMoving dolly

Quantity: 2

Unit rated supporting force:  4500LBS,

Supporting range: 73-245mm

Feel railLength:13-1/8′
Tail frame push-pull device (with 1 sets jack type moving support device)Moving dolly

Quantity: 1

Unit rated supporting force: 4500LBS,

Supporting range: 73-245mm

Push-pull cylinderStroke:2000mm
Max. pulling force:40500LBS
Max. pushing force:54000LBS
Push-pull cylinder railRail length:26-1/4′
Cylinder  SynchronizerThe standardOrigin: Shanghai china.
Cylinder sealThe standardTaiwan.
Connection sealThe standardTaper sealing.
Torque meterThe standardThe measured torque, It’s not the result of calculation.
Touch screen computerThe standardReal-time display of torque and curve,It can be printed and stored.

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